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Only 3 plugins for Windows, this should be made clear before purchase. It crashed within the first 10 minutes requiring daw restart. No resizable GUI. I don't think it's very intuitive if you want to modulate or really just changing key or scale within a progression. Play is kinda useless if i'm honest it just has a basic set of predefined chords the same as what's in Captain Chords. Lastly you can't audition the flavour chords, you can click on a chord but that isn't the same as the flavour chord. I find it quite unintuitive to not be able to simply audition the chord within my progression by either simply clicking on it or assigning midi to the progression ei A=i B=ii C=V etc.


if you dont like the program contact support you have a 30 day window for a refund

it clearly states on the website the available plugins for windows and the ones that are in development for future release



in my opinion the best chord program on the market
and at a great price with future plugins in the pipeline
buying it is a no brainer


Well i would argue it isn't clear at all on the main page & purchase page. That fist link for the account you wouldn't be in if you visit for the first time.

I am going to refund as i just feel it's too early in its development to be useful to me. Scaler seems to be a more fluid program for sketching chords even though it doesn't have the patterns built into it.


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