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Hello all, I just got captain plugins and I was wondering if there will be new features added over time? I think they are really great plugins with lots of potential, but not really ready for prime-time yet, and I'm trying to decide if I should stick with it because the features I want will get added, or if I should just get my refund and move on?

For example, captain play is something I've wanted for YEARS. The idea of being able to use my laptop keyboard as a MIDI keyboard, is invaluable. I'll never use my MIDI keyboard again. BUT, the chords feature is actually incredibly limited. There's no customization for what chords and what voicings get played, which is incredibly limiting. I want to be able to jam out ideas, and the lack of customization for captain play is dissapointing for me. Captain chords is a GREAT plugin, and I don't have anything bad to say about it, as most the features I want involve captain play.

Anyways, I know I'm just one guy and maybe others don't care about features that I want, and vice versa. I guess the point is though, that I'm wondering if there will be new features added over time? Are these plugins "Done"?

Thanks for your time!


I hope the plugins are not "done".
Tons of people have requested the addition of a feature whereby you could feed Midi data to Capt Chords and have Capt Chords recognise what key/scale you're in.
And another request was: feed the jam which you made in Capt Play to Capt Chords.
If they didn't add the recognise Midi, they'd not be doing themselves any favors since their competitor, Scalar, can do this and its cheaper, and its being improved and updated now.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey guys,

We are always adding new features to the plugins. Just to give you guys some examples, since version 1 we added:

  • Space Knob
  • Strum feature
  • Swing effects
  • Ability to use your MIDI controller with the plugins
  • Multiple scales
  • Timing options
  • and many more features that I cannot recall it right now :)

So, yes. We will keep adding more features as we work on new updates for all the plugins in the bundle.


I hope recognizing Midi fed to it is in there, because its the #1 requested feature.


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