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Had great fun tonight after the new update, the speed of changing settings has got much faster, while playing at the same time, great improvement.
I have windows 10 Pro and FL Studio 20 and I have seen the difference straight the way. I have only had the product for a week and I think it's great.
I am hoping the new update products will appear before Xmas, something to look forward to.
I was I bit sad with some of the posts, about people waiting since April, which gave me a little doubt, but if updates are like today, to go by I will be very happy.
Look forward to melody, hook and beat, I hope it will be soon for Windows users.


There was an update today? Where's the changelog? What did they add?

I'm one of the one's who has been waiting since April and I check this forum everyday to see if the Changelog thread has been updated but it looks like they haven't posted anything yet.


Just downloaded it and took it for a spin.
Capt. Play has gotten more buggy for me, now it doesn't recognise input from my main SL990 midi keyboard, or my AKM 322.
The last update recognised the AKM322 but key-stuck my SL990. Meaning when I played a note, it stuck on and would not release.

When I saw the MIDI input tab I got excited. I thought, "Yes, they are recognising fed midi to the plugin and Capt. Chords will work out the key and this will make a great start to the chord session." And actually so many people have requested this feature, I've lost count.
But it simply means that if you have a midi track on the same track as the plugin it will play one of its default voices for that midi.

There is a REST and CUSTOM chord buttons now. This is quite useful.
What I am actually waiting for is for my MIDI keybaord(s) to actually work in Capt. Play. And of course real fed MIDI and Hook.


The only thing i noticed is the way captain chords hadles inversions with 7th chords. It seems to handled it much better now when going from one 7th chord to another.


They have made it faster when picking sounds and rhythms. Much smother experience.


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