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Guys, I just want to say you write software with a lot of potential that fills a badly underserved niche of the market. Unfortunately, as seen by the many threads here, countless issues detract from the usability. I know it takes time to reply to all of these, much less actually deal with them. but I would like to take this moment to recommend that large parts of the code repo be placed on something like github (the backend and ui elements, for example), which would allow registered users to tinker with the code and create pull requests for you to fix issues. As a software engineer I would be happy to donate time to fixing software that serve issues I care deeply about, and would be more than willing to spend the hours required to fix certain bugs just so that I run into them.

I'm not asking for a full time job, just a way to alleviate the burden on existing devs by submitting community-based or community-inspired links, for example. It can really make the difference between shallowly or deep-reaching market penetration. Make no mistake, I want you guys to succeed, and when I see issues crop up that should never have made it past QA it really riles me up.

Thanks for reading, please give this some thought.

Or, at least please let me submit a fix for a certain issue I may have posted about recently :)


James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

We really appreciate your kind offer :)

I will forward this to the rest of the team and see what they think.


What a noble thing to do, please do it Mixed in Key.


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