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I'm attempting to use Captain Plugins with Maschine. After installing the VSTs, my DAW (Maschine 2) recognizes it but it doesn't upload when I click on it. The only way I'm able to use them to their full capability is by opening Logic and pulling it up from there. I also noticed that the VSTs don't appear unless I load it to an empty pad or after a sound from a another VST (i.e. Massive) has been uploaded. Am I doing something wrong? I'd love to be able to access Captain Plugins without having to open Logic. Is this possible?

Adam - Mixed in Key

I think the issue might be because you're using VST. Can you try installing the AU versions, and then emulating the steps in this video I made - we're going to do some proper video guides about DAW integration asap but hopefully this is clear enough in the meantime.
You'll notice it's showing Captain being used with Maschine acting as a plug-in within an Ableton environment, but I have checked this on Maschine software as well and it works in exactly the same way.

Any questions please let me know



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