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James Araujo - MIK Team

We created a series of tutorial videos to make it even easier for you to use your Mashup2 software. In this first part tutorial on Mashup 2, we look at the user interface and controls, while explaining how each feature works and how to use them effectively in your projects.

Without question, one of the main abilities of Mashup 2 is taking two or more tracks and chopping them up to create the next hit mashup!

An often overlooked aspect of Mashup 2 is its ability to create pro-level DJ mixes. Using a simple step-by-step technique, we show how to create the perfect digital DJ mix.

Get creative in Mashup 2 by utilizing your 3rd-party plugins. Want to add a cool delay or mimic the classic Pioneer DJM mixer effects? Well, here's how...


Hey! Nice tutorial, I just want to know however what plugins are you using! I need to spice my mixes up!

Thank you


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