Acid Baron

Hi, I'm looking for a bit of help please. No matter what I try I am not able to update my Traktor collection with the tags generated by MIK. I have followed the tutorial word for word, and still nothing. Today I have uninstalled both MIK and Traktor to start fresh. I set up MIK tagging preferences, closed MIK and rebooted the laptop. I then imported my collection and analysed (ASYNC) it, choosing Special, BPM and Set Beatgrid and waited.....and waited. When it was complete I shutdown Traktor and rebooted again. I then opened MIK, cleared the existing collection and dragged in my collection. It's now at this stage where MIK tells me it "Cannot Update Traktor Collection" and that "Access to the path 'C:\User..... is denied. Please consult Traktor integration help page and verify...." It gives me the option to "Pause Updating" or "Keep Trying". If I press keep trying then it continues for a bit and the same message appears.

I am really getting frustrated with this and cannot see why it's not working.

Any help would really be appreciated.


MIK 8.5 (Latest Version)
Traktor 3.0.1
Kontrol S4 MK3
Dell XPS 15 (Windows 10) Intel Core i7-6700 @2.60GHz - 32GB RAM - 1TB SSD

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hi there,

"...I shutdown Traktor and rebooted again"

So, do you have Traktor open when you are doing the MIK analysis? If so, can you please close Traktor and try the MIK analysis once again?

Acid Baron

No, Traktor is not running when I run MIK. I know I don't need to shut down and reboot in between opening and closing each program but have on a couple of occasions through desperation just in case Traktor was staying open in the background. I have tried with and without MIK overwriting cuepoints, I have created another collection file (collection1.nml), I have deleted my collection (several times now) and only added and analysed a 3 track ep (Adam Pit - Socket Power/Balance Beam...The Junq remix...OMFG! ;)), shut Traktor down and run it through MIK and it still tells me it cannot connect to Traktor. I am at a loss now and don't know what else to do to get this working as it should!

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