I purchased MIK few days ago. Everything seemed to work fine until I took the final step.
To work on my Serato library.
I followed step by step the instructions on this video:
and now all my tracks are having the same name!!!!
Tell me, am I destroyed or not? Any way to recover?
Here is a pic of what happened:

James Araujo - MIK Team


I've replied to your email on this :)

Where did you download these files from? They probably have that information on the ID3 fields in the first place. If you bought from an online store such as Beatport, all the Song/Artist/etc fields come already filled out with the correct information.


Hello James, the only email I've got from MIK after my post, is my refund (and thanks for that, it was quick).
Concerning to the tags, it's a totally mess. The song title changed to the same for ALL tracks (in that case "Hey Mama"), the Key went straight off to comment area alongside comments (e.g. 9A - Purchased From Beatport).
I manually try to change the title to each song, which is time consuming (already a week spending at least 2 hours per day) and therefore a disaster for a pro.
Fortunately I have a back up without my last changes to Cues unfortunately.
And I did everything as mentioned in your "how to" video. After the mess, I did it again in an "offline" folder with Mp3 in order to see what went wrong and if it was my mistake. It destroyed that folder too.
Anyway, good idea, perhaps works well for some systems and users, you should include with bold title "Check it with 4-5 tracks before you use it".


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