Jean Marc Lavoie

Analyzing my files lowers the average volume of my tracks. What would be the maximum I can set this in the settings without it creating distortion. I've read that when mastering songs, -6db is the maximum one should go to. Would this not be true for Platinum Notes also? Thanks!

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Jean,

The maximum you can go on Platinum Notes is -9,0db.

If someone compares a file processed with Platinum Notes to a file that's unprocessed, PN is likely to be quieter. But if you process your entire collection with PN, and DJ with those files, you're going to have fantastic sound quality and lots of dynamic range. when the beat drops, you'll get a really nice and loud kick compared with the quiet parts of the song.

PN files have a lot more range than overcompressed music. even Spotify sounds more like Platinum Notes now, because they started applying similar algorithms that we do.

They don't allow files to be ridiculously loud anymore, but Beatport and other DJ sources still do.


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