Hello all.....

I would love to use Mixed In Key as a tool not only for getting key & tempo info on my music, but subsequently organizing my collection in folders based off of their determined key. I know after I analyze tracks in my collection I can sort them in the app by their key, but is there a way that I can organize them into folders based off their key from within the app? I really want to organize tracks into folders by key, and a separate set of folders that are by tempo in bpm ranges of either 5 or 10bpm.

Thoughts/suggestions are highly desired.

Thank you!


If you get MIK to rename your files with tempo and bpm, it will be easy to perform a search or organise in your file explorer, using key and/or tempo.

From there it's a simple question of moving or copying batches of tracks according to folders which you have set up according to your preference.


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