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I don't know if this has been brought up, but I've recently ran across a bug where the octaves get all screwy. Not sure if it's just the options I've selected, but I can get it to recur consistently.

  1. Open Captain Chords
  2. Set to Eb Phrygian
  3. Go To Play and Select MIDI
  4. Hit spacebar to begin recording
  5. Play G5 - F5 - Eb5 -E5 twice through

You should notice that the octaves jump around on the second play though. Also, I think that pre-recording, that initial E5 is an octave lower than it should be.

I downloaded the Beta (with Melody) hoping it had already been addressed, but apparently it has not.

If there is something that I am doing wrong, let me know!


Also happens in Gb Minor. Hit F5 - Gb5 before recording, and then hit F5-Gb5 after starting recording, and it also jumps around.


Just downloaded the new beta, and this bug is still there.


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