Hi Guys,

Something weird happened!
I had all my tracks analysed bij MIK en used settings to let MIK put the key notation in the column "comment"
In settings I did all the things to prepare this in the right way.
When MIK was finished I tried to sort the keys (from 1A to 12B) in the comment column.
That did not work at all, I got groups of 9A above, then a block of 5 ....etc etc.....Not a sorted list anyway.
So I thought, let's put all my tracks in a fresh Rekordbox and I will sort them there.
Same problem! In the column "comment" in Rekordbox I experienced the same problem, a totally fucked up sorting of the key's
Then I used de Recordbox key notation to sort the tracks in Rekordbox and that worked flawless ....... and the comments column was sorted the right way too!!??

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
When I can sort the MIK key result in Rekordbox (comments column) I want the close the key notation of Rekordbox.
Is there somebody who can help me out?

Thanks in advance guys!


James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Robinho,

I just watched the video you've sent us via email regarding this. I see what you are saying.

This happens basically because of the way RB and other DJ software works when sorting the tags. For example, As you can see, the keys are sorted like this: 12A, 1A, 2A...etc. One solution for that would be to have a 0 below the single values, so it would be instead: 01A, 02A....10A, 11A, 12A. It's something that users have requested in the past, as we will definitely take into consideration for future updates.

Let me know if it helps :)


If you're on MacOS the Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool might help you out
it will make your comment and key fields sortable in Rekordbox
and brings the Mixed in Key cues to Rekordbox!
product overview is at

the tutorial video is in that YT channel as well


Hey james,

Many thanks for your reply.
I'll wait for the update ;-)
Until that time I'll use the rekordbox keys and compare these with the MIK key.
If there would be a difference in some cases, I'll just change the key in Rekordbox ;-)

Thanks James!
Best regards.


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