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Just wondering if people (or the developers) have a preferred DAW for these tools. I use Ableton and Cubase.. Well, I tinker with them... I'm learning. I've used captain chords in Ableton. I like the idea of being able to play with variations and drag them into clips so I can collect ideas. The issue I was running into was that no matter what I did, if I hit play Captain Chords (and the other plugins) would always start playing their current chords/melodies/etc. regardless of what I was trying to do.

It's understandable when captain chords is the VST attached to a track, but even if I created a separate track, copied the midi, and swapped to a different VST as soon as I started playing that clip Captain Chords and the other plugins would start playing whatever was currently loaded in them alongside whatever I was trying to play in Ableton...

It got pretty confusing.

Wondering if this would work better with separate tracks in cubase, or if I'm just completely approaching this wrong? I'm a very new user of these products. I love them in concept because learning is hard and these tools let you start feeling what all the theory books are trying to explain... It's fun to get creative quickly...

It just gets messy when I try to get serious with them, and would love to know if I'm doing something wrong or should switch DAW's or.......???


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