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Ok, thinking I was being smart I decided to make a template for Ableton with the Captain 2.0 plugins preloaded in a group (so I could mute them all at once) and a set of extra midi channels I could drag the captain results to and add whatever instruments I want so I could doodle out ideas in Captain, and then take them further and arrange. The thinking was since you can mute out the captain plugins it'd be nice to have them there and available as needed.

Setting up the template worked fine.

I then loaded the template, saved it as a new track and started working in Captain Chords. I produced a simple 16 bar progression, copied the midi out, added a bassline with Deep. Saved it. All seemed to be working fine. I went to work in the melody beta, but had a brainfart on whether the chord progression was 8 or 16 bars, so I hopped over to captain chords and everything was messed up. The chords were still there, but the last 5-6 had no labels, the chord lengths were messed up, and when I tried to fix that the app crashed and had me send in an error log.

It also told me to save my project.

Which I did.

Reloading brings me back with a broken chord progression I can't touch (but ironically can play) without crashing the app.

Uh... Help? I don't know if Melody beta is that unstable (it was connected and disconnected from chords several times because I kept expecting it to autopopulate something on connect to chords. Or is it ableton, or is the captain product just not something you should save in a project but instead add, use, and export before you save your Live project? I'm lost.. And I really want to use this product.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

It's the first time I hear about this issue :) What happens when if you take Melody Beta out of the group plugins you created with the Captain Plugins?

Did you get a chance to send the crash report? I will have our developers take a look at what might've happened there.


I did sent in a crash report, two actually. So they're out there somewhere. I've tried to repeat the bug, and so far it's been behaving. It's not an issue with saving and loading of ableton sessions with the chords apps in them, as that worked fine.

My best guess, and this I have NOT been able to retest due to lack of time, is that disconnecting and reconnecting melody from chords multiple times caused Chords to get corrupted. As has been mentioned in another thread on here, unlike the other plugins when you connect Cap Chords 2 with Melody nothing obvious happens. And the intro stuff still points to a video (or somehow I ended up watching it in relation) to what I'm guessing is a an older version of melody or something, because in that video, like when you connect Captain Deep, is that it auto-populates a basic melody line.

Hope that helps, as a noob, I'm really loving these products. Not so much for helping me get around theory as a way to almost instantly map out the patterns of chords in a way that makes the theory make sense (at least to me).



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