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Hi 2 all,

Was hoping that the new version 2.04 of all OSX Captain plugins would not be blacklisted anymore in Studio One v4.1.1
But they are still Blacklisted after a Reset of the Blacklist in S1 and a rescan of the Captain plugins during a restart of S1.

Totally not happy here, cause Captain plugins still totally unusable for me.

Are there any OSX users having the same experience ?
Is there maybe a solution ?

Warm Regards.


I don't know all that you're talking about being blacklisted, I do know that I purchased and downloaded the program and installed it on my Mac and now I can't find it. I went into FL Studio and did a scan for plugins and it came up with it, but I have no way to open it or use it. So idk if I'm having the same problem as you, or if I just don't know what I'm doing.


It is Blacklisted i Studio One for me too... too bad!
I am using Studio One Professional and the last version 4.1.1.


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