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Both Odesi and Captain Plugins are great software. Actually, 10 years ago, I was eager to have software that could help me make music. When I found Odesi and Captain Plugins, I bought them the first time. I have a little suggestion, in fact, Odesi can do a lot of cover-up videos, analyze music and so on, every one minute two minutes, which is conducive to the promotion of software, but also can let more people learn music knowledge. This job shouldn't be very difficult. Why don't the company find someone to do this job specially? Every day, through the software, we teach you to analyze music learning knowledge, but also publicize the software. Do you have to wait for other companies to produce similar software before you do such things?

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

I think we have something similar on our Youtube channel. Check it out:

Is this a similar concept to what you are suggesting?

Let me know :)

p.s. we are working on more similar videos ;)


Yes, that's the video I watched. Hope that this kind of video, more and more, not only can let more music enthusiasts learn knowledge, but also can publicize your company's software products. The more videos you have, the better. Find a few people to make them every day. I'm sure a lot of people like it. Finally, I hope that subtitles must be added to the video. ^_^


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