Not sure if this is possible but if the XML output was a little smarter for Traktor, it'd allow simpler modifications through a text editor. I haven't investigated Regex find and replace yet though.


<CUEV2 NAME="NRG 4" DISPLORDER="0" TYPE="0" START="305.000000" LEN="0.000000" REPEATS="-1" HOTCUE="0"></CUE_V2>


<CUEV2 NAME="NRG 4" DISPLORDER="0" HOTCUE="0" TYPE="0" REPEATS="-1" START="305.000000" LEN="0.000000"></CUE_V2>

It would allow me to apply some logic to the HOTCUE and TYPE so that I can set as Load Markers etc.

Once again, not sure if possible in Traktor but just a thought.

Maybe an option to create a Load Marker on the first Cue Point too?

James Araujo - MIK Team


Thanks for sharing your idea. I've just added it to our Wishlist.

Our developers will definitely take into consideration on our next major Mixed In Key update :)


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