Running into issues with Cue points not loading in Traktor Pro 3

Below is what I have done

  1. Removed all tracks from Traktor library and removed all Traktor tags
  2. Re-imported all tracks into Library (~ 10k)
  3. Analyzed all tracks in Traktor first (only selected set Beat Grid |BPM)
  4. Closed Traktor and opened MixedInKey
  5. Configured Mixed In Key settings (Traktor selection for cue points | write keys to Key text | write energy to comments)
  6. Analyzed all tracks in Mixed In Key
  7. Closed Mixed in Key opened Traktor
  8. Selected all files and ran consistency check (energy levels and proper Keys show up - No cue points)
  9. Right Clicked Track collection and selected re-import collection.nml
  10. Track loaded on Deck shows cue point
  11. Select new track and no cue points show
  12. selected original track loaded on deck and cue points disappear

Not sure what I should do next, I've removed and re-analyzed my tracks multiple times, this is getting very frustrating as a full analysis in either Traktor or MIK takes ~8 hours

Files are a mixed of FLAC and MP3
Running Windows 10 with Traktor 3.0

Any help is appreciated

Adam - Mixed in Key

Can you please remove the files that you are trying to add cue points to from your Traktor collection, including the option to remove all Traktor tags. Then once this is complete, add these files back into Traktor, but do not analyze them. Then add them to Mixed In Key, and analyze. Once this has finished, go back to Traktor, Analyze your files inside Traktor, and then right click and select "check consistency" Please let us know if this helps solve your problem.


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