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I just bought Captain Plugins.
I got the download Link and the VIP Code.
After Installation I pasted my VIP into Captain Chords.

After clicking on "Get in", there was an error message
like you see on picture.
The message means in english: Error while sending data.

I have a stable 100 kbit Internet connection.

Image Text

So what can I do?

Kind regards

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Jogi,

Can you please make sure to whitelist the following domains from your antivirus and/or firewall?


It should work after that. Let me know how it goes :) 


I had same issue, but just with the most recent update.
The other versions worked fine when I had to confirm my VIP code.
Have you changed the PORT its trying to connect on?

edit: Actually, I loaded up Capt. Melody and inserted my VIP code there, and it worked! I then loaded up Capt Chords and it took a few seconds to get in but it eventually got in. Myabe you guys had a server problem.

James Araujo - MIK Team

I am glad to hear it's working fine now :)

Please let us know if this issue happens again and we will investigate it further.


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