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Hi...I'm new to these programs and have searched far and wide for the answer to this: How do you move the location cursor say from measure 5 back to measure 2? I know return takes you back to the first measure and the arrow keys allow you to move from chord to chord but does not move the location cursor. So I'm sure I am missing something but can't find how to do this anywhere...any help?

James Araujo - MIK Team


I've replied to your email on this :)

It’s more of just how the plugin works with looping. If you have a 3-bar progression, it’s going to loop every three bars. If you have a 4-bar progression, it’s going to loop every four bars. So if you create a loop point in your DAW and then start changing how long your progression is, that loop point is going to loop around a different chunk of that progression.



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