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Hi all;
Wondering if others are getting this problem on Mac OS Mojave
I have all my music on an external drive, and this is my workflow
Download music to a desktop folder > Retag with MetaBliss > run through PN > run through MIK > copy track to music folder on external drive and finally import into ITunes and update playlists.
Now whenever I add new music to this folder and run them in MIK, couple of things happen
1. MIK says some tracks can be improved with PN, but these were already scanned through PN
2. When the folder is imported into ITunes, most tracks have missing info (ex. BPM, Comments blank)
If I run 5hese through Engine Prime, the same can be seen, and the workaround is to re-analyse them in EP.
Anybody else get this issue?
Thanks in advance

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

You should check out this tutorial: http://community.mixedinkey.com/BlogPosts/how-to-using-platinum-notes-with-mixed-in-key-and-your-dj-software

It gives you our recommended workflow on using PN + MIK + Your DJ Software (i.e. Traktor, iTunes, etc).

Let me know if it helps :)


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