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So I really like this software. I like all the software I have purchased to this point. I am not sure if anyone has asked this, I scanned the forum lightly but did not see anything so I am asking. I am not sure it is even possible.. But, I download a lot of audio files as well as video files for my DJ work. I have ran all my old and new files through Platinum Notes and really like the results. My question is, would there be a way sometime in the future for this software or a new one, could do the same thing to MP4 files?

I for the sake of doing it, ran one of my MP4 files through and of course it was converted to a MP3, like I assumed it would be. I have noticed from certain sites, audio is really really loud and running my files through mixed in key shows many clips in the file, hence using platinum notes, but I cannot do the same for the MP4 files, and just like the audio files, the video files all have random volume levels and of course clips. Suggestions or possibly the future of an upgrade for this software would be appreciated.

Again love the software to this point! It has changed my mixes and mixing as well as improved my over all performances on a week to week basis :)

James Araujo - MIK Team

There is always a risk in processing video files because the video/audio streams could go off-sync. We decided to focus on audio files only, so Platinum Notes doesn’t support any video formats.

But, we will keep your suggestion in mind for future updates :)


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