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I understand that the MIK 8's analyzing data works in the following way.

  1. User requests MIK 8 to analyze the music files.

  2. MIK 8 analyzes the music files, and stores the all analyzing data (each Key, Energy Level, Cue Points etc) in the library collection of MIK 8.

  3. Writes the analyzing data in the collection to the tag of the music files according to user settings (Update Tags, Export Cue Point etc)

Is it correct?
For example, if I set the cue points not to be exported, the analyzing data is stored in the MIK 8 collection but is not stored in the tag of the music file?
And what data is unconditionally stored in the tag of music file regardless of my settings?

Ps. I'm always grateful to the all developers. MIK is very nice SW.


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