My BPM and key were showing up automatically in itunes once I analyzed them (without having to do the annoying 'get info' step). But then I read in these forums that you should have 2.3 ID3 tags. So I converted all my tags (which took for everrr!) but now when I analyze a song it doesnt come up automatically. This is really annoying me so I want to completely delete Mixed in Key + iTunes and then reinstall it all again and hope that fixes it. So to delete all of mixed in key I need to know what the windows registry key is called (i.e. the name of the folder that it is in) so I can start a fresh. Can someone help me out?
Patrick M (Mixed In Key)
Hi Nomad, You know what they say: "If it ain't broke, ...". Converting your id3 tags shouldn't break the functionality of Mixed In Key, so before you take any further measures please re-check the settings in Mixed In Key to make sure that it writes the BPM and the key in the tag. By converting the tags you updated the audio files, and it is unlikely that cleaning the settings of MIK or iTunes will fix your problem. You can check MIK tag writing by editing a tag 'by hand' in Mixed In Key and checking the result; right-click on a song and choose 'Edit song information + Keywords. Does restarting iTunes make a difference? (which version are you using). Does the information never show up, or is the issue isolated to specific files? Did anything else in your setup change, besides converting the id3 tags? patrick

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