James Araujo - MIK Team

When it comes down to mixing, what really makes a difference, there are only 2 plugins that you absolutely need to get a great mix.

Oh, and you already own them.

Your Two Best Friends: EQ And Compression

If you want to be a great mixer, then you need to get familiar with these tools.

No other plugins will shape your mix like these two. None.

And it doesn’t matter what brand of EQ or compressor you use either. You can just have your native DAW EQ and Compression plugins.

Here are two tutorials to help you understand better each tool:

- Conquering EQ (To Wield It With Confidence)

- Breaking Down Compressors (Or Compression For The Rest Of Us)

We are curious, what are some EQ and Compression techniques that you use to make your mixes sound hot?


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