So i just got MIK and i'm super excited about putting it to work! Now i have this problem that i've imported the new data from MIK to Traktor and everything is fine except for that BPM still doesn't get imported despite that i've chosen overwrite tempo option in MIK.

Traktor calculates poorly and makes uneven numer like 125.534 Bpm or some other nonsense and MIK doesn't do that unless you want it to.

I like the even BPM that MIK calculates (Kind of OCD) and i want to import it into Traktor but the software doesn't cooperate when importing the collection that MIK made.

Even when disabling analysis lock just to be sure, it doesn't work.

This is just a Traktor issue in a nutshell... How do i fix this?

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

Have you tried to "Check Consistency" for your files in Traktor after the MIK analysis?

If it still doesn't update the BPM, can you please email us at and we will troubleshoot this further :)


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