I purchased your program a few months ago, and have been using it to analyse single tracks or small batches without any hiccups. However the other day I finally decided to analyse all my tracks, and append the key and tempo to the filenames. There was quite a bit of music to analyse, so I let it analyse in the background and left it on overnight to finish its task. The following morning I take a look at the result and while it seems otherwise to have done a good job, the names of all my sub-folders in the "Albums"-folder have the correct first letter, but other than that consist of an alphanumeric jumble:

Screen snippet of the result

I'm using version of Mixed In Key on OSX 10.12.6 to analyse tracks located in a NAS-archive on my intranet.

I'll start the process of renaming them, but needless to say I'm not overjoyed about this. I'll gladly provide any additional information you may need in order to locate and fix this bug. Thank whatever deity responsible that all the file names seem to be intact, so I don't have to listen through everything and try to remember.. Still, as it is now I'm afraid of analyzing anything without monitoring the process carefully and stopping it immediately if any problems seem to occur. :(

Matu / Medicine Man

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Matu,

I've replied to your email yesterday :)

Can you please check if this happens when you analyze your files from a folder on your computer?

My first thought is that this is happening because you are analyzing files from the intranet. I don't have a way to reproduce the issue here (because I don't have any intranet connected on my computer), so can you please check that out and let us know if the issue still occurs?


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