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At this point, the total disk space used by ~/Library/Application Support/Mixedinkey on my drive is in excess of 2 GB. I note that in this directory there are a variety of files named Collection.mikdb., where they vary mostly by the primary version of the file, e.g. Collection5, Collection7, ..., and the fact that there are some .backup versions. I'm bumping up against disk usage limits on my MacBook Air, so I'm seeking places to recover space.

Question 1: Can I safely delete:
* Files associated with Collection[578]*?
* Any backup associated with Collection9 that is older than the most recent backup?

(Or, will deleting them cause MIK to barf?) Note: I have a filesystem backup solution running on my system, and the deleted files will still be available to me on that backup system if needed later.

Question 2: Shouldn't you have a control on your Settings tab that says "remove unnecessary backups" that automatically does what I describe above (delete everything except the most recent backup)?


James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Jason,

I've just replied to your email :)


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