Hey guys,
Got a bit of an issue that i'm hoping someone can help me with.
So as always whenever i get acapellas i will throw them into MIK to analyse them, now as of lately there is a batch of about 30-40 of acapellas that just won't analyse. I've tried analyse them together, analysing them individually too but for some reason the programme just isn't able to tell me the key of these acapellas. It can work out the bpm just fine but not the key.

The acapellas in question are in .AIFF format which i thought may be the issue but i've analysed loads of .AIFF acapellas and they've been fine.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Current Version: 8.1.1650.0


James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Kev,

What does it say in the Key field after the analysis?
Are you on Windows or Mac?


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