Andreas Kapa


I had purchased MIK in the past but didn't covered me and i had a refund. Now i m thinking to buy but i want to know if its already fixed (added) the feature bellow:
I want MIK to add on keys & comments a 0 in front so at the end all key characters will be 3 (for example 01A, 09B, 11B...) like this its easy and all will be sorted by key in Rekordbox etc instead having the 1A...along with 10 and 11..
I know that i can do it manually but i want to avoid the manual work

Thanks for your answers

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Andreas,

We've had a lot of customer requests for this feature and we always try to give our customers what they ask for. So while I, unfortunately, do not know when this feature will be added, it is something we are definitely looking into adding to MIK in the future :)

Andreas Kapa


Thanks for the post :)
I ll wait for the feature release that will include that future

best regards,


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