I have a car show that I'll be playing at this Saturday just to start things off and I have a few transition tracks on my list in which I would like to kinda switch up the vibe after 6 tracks @ 100bmp.

The tracks that I am referring to are mostly old school vibes - naughty by nature, k7, paperboy, etc.. However I'm thinking of switching to some more 100bpm, but I am thinking of transitions instead...

Example: Big Sean - Bounce Back (BPM Supreme 100-82 Transition) (Clean) (Short Edit)

My question is have many had smooth transitions with these that are from record pools? I'm wondering if I am now over thinking my playlist.

I have also thought about switching up to some 130bpm for some nice car show bass music/freestyle music, but feel as I have hit a bump during this time. Would anyone have thoughts/experiences?


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James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey William,

My advice is to have 2-3 plans in mind before you go there. Especially when it's the first time playing at that kind of event, it's always good to have good backup plans.

What I think you should do is: create 2-3 playlists based on what you think you will be playing. Then, when you get there, you will know the "vibe" of the event and will be able to adjust your DJ set accordingly. Knowing the key and energy level of your songs will help you a lot when you playing live. You will feel more confident that the songs will work well together and not clash during transitions :)

In regards to the transitions, if you haven't listened to the song, it's always good to practice some transitions beforehand at home. I don't think you should overthink it, but it's always good to be prepared for things to come.

I will leave some cool articles that we have written that might help you as well:

Beyond Beatmatching
PowerBlock Mixing
Energy Boost Mixing

Let me know if it helps :)


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