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I just bought Flow 8 Deck (F8D) and my existing DJ software is Serato DJ Pro.

When F8D generates metadata for songs during preparation (key, energy, beatgrid, downbeat, etc.) can any of it mess up the metadata I already have for those songs in Serato? I don't want to prepare my whole library and find out after the fact that doing so has messed Serato up in some way. I have done a test of two songs already and there was no change in the Comment, Grouping, or Composer tags that I've added for songs in Serato, but two is a small test. Thought I'd ask here before proceeding large scale.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone might give ;-)

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

The data is only tagged inside Flow8 Deck. It does not affect any info you currently have in Serato :)


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